A couple of posts ago I warned women about the dangers of camera phones. In this post, I’d like to direct a similar warning to the general population. I spent about an hour at the gym at work today, having the whole place for myself - like I usually do. I don’t think most of the employees know that the gym even exists. When I’m done with the work out, I usually like to enjoy a long, hot shower. So, there I am, in the public showers at work, enjoying the peace and the relaxing sound of running water, when, enter stage left; a god damn TV crew! In front: Håvard Lilleheie (not well known outside Norway, I guess, but most of you Norwegians know who he is).

For all I know, I might - rather involuntary - have completed task #17 on my 100 Things to Do Before I Die-list. If you watch any TV in the near future, see a shower with a skinny, nude, white guy in the background it might just be me. Beware of TV crews!

Some of you guys have to check your computer(s) for the W32/Netsky.B worm. I’ve got a couple sent to my vegard at this domain address. The sender address was forged, like all good worms do these days.