We played yet another basketball match today, and, believe it or not, we actually won this one. By one lousy point. But a win is a win, thank you very much. I also went to the local store today to get some groceries for the weekend. There I overheard a conversation an old lady talking to one of the store employees. “There is an old woman over there who…”. I didn’t hear much more of it, because I was listening to a recording of a Radio42 show on my NexII. But a few moments later, the store employee, walked over to an old lady costumer and started to search her bag and pick something up from it. He probably caught her stealing. Old ladies squealing on each other? What is the world coming to?

The camera has been up for a little while now, I guess it hasn’t been that entertaining, because I’ve been getting very little feedback on it. It’s a rather crappy camera, the picture is full of noise and it also needs a lot of light. Stine didn’t like the idea of being monitored by a camera, she said she had enough of that at her workplace. Then I guess she won’t like my TricCams (thissitetakesnoresponsibilityforthecontentsofexternallinks, consult the disclaimer for more information) idea very much, either. Oh, well. . I might post some webcam-related polls on the webcam page soon.