Damn it. I’m nervous. Tonight I’m meeting with Anja for the first time, and I really hate meeting people like this for the first time. I’ve only done it once before, when I met Camilla, but then I had Hans Olav to back me up. We were going out for a couple of beers and Camilla just tagged along with us. And this time it’s only me. Fuck. At least I’m meeting her in some public place, just in case she’s a class one nut. I don’t think so, but you never know. If you don’t see any updates on this site for a while, you know what’s happened: I’m either kept as a sex slave in a dark dungeon, or I’ve been cut in to tiny bits with a big axe. The first thing is probably not that bad for a while, but I the axe thing just outright sucks.

Tomorrow I’m not coming into the office, we’re all going to some internal conference thingy.

Crap. This is not good for my nerves.