Beware of the Camera Phones!

First things first: This entry contains nudity. Before you read on, picture a naked breast. Did it make you angry? Did it scare or offend you? Or maybe you don’t even know what a naked breast is. If so, I suggest you stop reading right now and browse along to a place more suitable for your needs and emotional level. Consider yourself warned.

And for the rest of you: Welcome to!

Only three days left until the big parties start. On the 24th of February you should either be in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA for Mardi Gras or in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the Carnival there. Or any other place where they use these events as a poor excuse to party. Like the next-door dorm.

As all of us who have been watching these big events in New Orleans and Rio on the idiot box knows, Mardi Gras and the Carnival usually involves a healthy amount of titty-flashing. I personally don’t mind that a lot, but the flashers are often doing it when in a state of I-really-can’t-remember-what-I-did-last-night. Some people I know live by two simple rules:

  1. If I don’t remember it, it didn’t happen.
  2. (unfortunately, I don’t remember the second rule, maybe it’s just one rule, but that’s not the point)

And if nobody else remembers it either, that’s an added bonus.

Enter stage left; the cam phones. They help you remember the stuff that – in your make-believe world – never happened.

Many of the mobile phones sold today also comes with a small camera and the quality is getting better and better. It’s not uncommon to find mobile phones with cameras boosting VGA quality or better, which is more than enough to post viewable pictures on the Internet. Where things spread like a wild fire.

I would like to issue the following warnings to all you females out there:

Cam Phone Warning #1Cam Phone Warning #2
Cam Phone Warning #3Cam Phone Warning #4

…cause you’ve got no idea where the picture you didn’t even know was taken will end up.

I’m not usually like this, I just wanted to make a point.

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  1. I almost posted the worst post in a very long time. but I took a break, had a cup of coffey and was able to control myself. a slightly modified version (and politically correct if I may add) would probably be something like
    “I like those pictures and would like to get to know the blond girl in the bottom left corner if I had the chance. she looks like she is a good listener and a nice person”


  2. No, you’re right, I don’t have a cam phone, but I’ve got access to a bunch at work. Then again I don’t have the need to take pictures everywhere – yet – so I don’t use any of them. I stick to my T68i. Without the cam module.