Even though not much is happening in my life at the moment, other people are obviously busy: First Ola goes ahead and propose to Hege and last night Espen’s girlfriend Marit gave birth to a little baby girl. I wonder if he were able to stay as calm as he usually is.

Congratulations to everybody.

No updates for you lately, yesterday was the first time I turned on my computer at home since the weekend. And it was totally 0wn3d. More about all that later.

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  1. so… doesn’t it make you feel old, Vegard? friends getting married, having kids and so on. I sure do. and at the same time I’m not even finished with school yet.



    P.S. but soon I’m off to Tanzania and scuba diving at Zanzibar. I guess that Espen and Marit won’t be able to do that in quite some time…