It’s Monday and I’ve given the god damn support phone to Espen. Yay!

These days I really don’t feel like writing. It could be that I’m about to have my annual break from blogging, which could mean that I’ll be offline for a couple of weeks. I dunno. I’m beginning to believe that I need a break from it every year, looking back in the archives that’s what’s happened.

Maybe it’s a writer’s block.

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  1. Jambo!

    just dropped in to say hello. it is hot and dusty here in Arusha, Tanzania, but I’m coping all right. tomorrow we will go to the Taraingire National Park for safari and I am really looking forward to that. not only going to see wildlife, but also to get out of the noisy and chaotic traffic down here.


  2. No, not yet – I checked and Microsoft said that my version didn’t require the upgrade. But now it seems like my Xbox than turn into a great-box-of-flaming-fun anyway. Time will tell.