Blogging is not about site traffic.

Writes Jeremy Zawodny. He is wrong. Of course it’s all about site traffic. But doesn’t have to be a lot of traffic. According to my Urchin stats, I have an average of about two hundred session each day. It’s not a lot, and a lot of them are probably search engine indexing, but it’s enough to get a couple of comments on each entry. Even if it’s mostly the same people. Still it’s all good.

Today after work I took a walk in Oslo with my new camera. I didn’t find much to take pictures of, I think Terje might be right when he calls Oslo “a boring city”, at least when it comes to good motives. I took about thirty five pictures and kept five of them. I’m getting the feeling I’m more of a portrait and macro kind of guy, unfortunately I don’t know any people who like to be taken pictures of and I don’t have a macro lens. Anyway, the picture quality is incredible, the images are very sharp and detailed.

If you feel a little stressed out, I recommend Digitally Imported Chillout to get you back down to Earth. Earlier, I was listening a lot to Soma FM’s Groove Salad, but lately I’ve become a little bored with the channel. It sounds like they’re using the same playlist all the time.

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  1. well I do it for comments which is equall to hits so I guest it all leads to the same thing. I download a 50 meg file from and unnamed website every two weeks , I get all the random good music I need. THough it only lasts for 2 hours I’m pretty satisfied in the end.