Last Monday I ordered a Dell Inspiron laptop. But where the hell is it? Dell states on their web site that it takes about 10 workdays before their laptops are in the hands of the buyer. Since it’s only been 5 workdays they are kind of on schedule, but they also state that I will receive an e-mail as soon as my PC in production. And I have yet to receive any e-mails from Dell. So I seriously doubt that I’ll get the goods within next Friday. Time will show.

Even if I get the PC on Friday, that won’t help much, because I leave for Trondheim early tomorrow morning. Erik and Kirsti are getting married on Saturday, and I’m invited to come. Goodie. There will also be some partying for Erik on Thursday. I got the invitation when I was dating Stine, so she was invited to come with me. We are not dating anymore, but decided to go together anyway. I wonder what it will be like to see her again, it’s been a few weeks now, and we’ve had less contact than I expected. Come to think of it, I’ve been the one contacting her every time…

I saw Spider-man last weekend. Or maybe it was the weekend before that, I can’t recall. As a movie it’s…ok…as comic on the big screen it truly rocks. Kicks ass. And so on. See it.

OK, that’s all for now, I’m heading out to play some soccer.

Oh, and I redesigned the site.


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