About two weeks ago I ordered some stuff from DealExtreme. Initially, I was only getting a USB cable for my mobile phone, but since I can order for NOK 200 from overseas without having to pay import taxes and everything from DealExtreme is dead cheap, I just had to order a lot of other crap as well.

Two days ago1, the package finally arrived from Hong Kong. Among the wonderful things I’d forgot I ordered was a great laser pointer slash LED flashlight keychain thingy, a decorative muilticolored LED snow ball and - wait for it - four (4) LED shot cups!

The multicolored LED snow balls are just excellent. One of them had disintegrated on the trip from Hong Kong to Norway, so I’m very happy I bought two. I considered taking a picture to show you how nice the working snow ball looks, but a single photo would not justify the relaxing feeling that will engulf your entire being when you turn it on. Because of that, I instead decided to bring you a continuous set of pictures, also know as a “video”:

Batteries are even included, believe it or not. Another set of gadgets that came with batteries included were the LED shot cups. If you fill the cup with a liquid, the cup will start to flash a blue light like crazy until it’s empty. This makes it very hard to just sip your shot, a well-known trick when you’re served a shot you really don’t want. Here’s a video of the cup as well.

There’s a word in Norwegian for things like the LED shot cups: “Harry”. A possible English translation could perhaps be “redneck”. The video does not really show how the LED shot cup works; my cellphone does not record enough frames per seconds to show how fast the cup is blinking. With four of these in a dark room you should be careful when the shots are served if you suffer from epilepsy - the party might end a bit earlier than planned.

So, if you have a little money to spare or a desperate need for flashing shot cups, decorative multicolored snow balls or other amazing stuff, look no further: DealExtreme.

  1. You might be wondering why I’m writing this today, on the two-great-games-are-released-Friday. How can I possible both be playing computer games (which I am right now) and write at the same time? The reason is that I’m talking to you from the past: This entry was written yesterday and scheduled for publishing today. Way to plan ahead! ↩︎