Breaking News!

w00t! They called me about thirty seconds after the previous entry was posted. I actually got the job. Yay for that! They first want to keep me for two or three weeks to see if I can cope with the technologies they’re using, if I’m doing well, they’ll extend it to at least two months. My future isn’t exactly secured, but it’s a start. And I owe it all to Ola, who told them I was good guy.

Good stuff!

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

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congratulations Vegard!
where is the job? oslo? Trondheim? north pole? will you have ANY vacation back home this summer or is that period of your life drowned in the sound of a steady income?

Thanks, guys.

The job is on Oslo, I’m starting June 16, which means no going back home this summer. But semi-steady income instead.

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