I’m still struggling with the crappy Linksys equipment I bought. Even with dd-wrt installed, I’m unable to get the WAP54G to work as a repeater bridge for the WRT54GL. I do get frustrated some times and when I have to wrestle with stuff this much to get it to work I get really frustrated. I only have a week left to get it to work, next Monday the internet connection in the living room is shut down and replaced by a connection in the hallway.

If I’m still unable to get the repeater bridge to work properly, I’m stuck with a lousy wireless signal in the living room and both the Xbox 360 and VBOX without an internet connection.


Another frustrating thing these days is work. This weekend I have constantly been interrupted by work related stuff and I’m getting really tired of this 24/7 availability bullshit. I also suspect that next week will see some inhumane work load, and that doesn’t help either.

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  1. Just buy a D-Link DIR-655/E or DIR-650 and save yourself all the trouble. These routers just work. With the “RangeBooster” in these, you probably won’t need a repeater either. Had you bought one of these when I recommended D-Link to you the first time, you’d probably already earned the money spent back from the lost work and frustration. :-)

  2. I’ll still need to the bridge to work to get the ethernet devices in the living room online. I’ll try D-Link next time I’m doing something similar. Or whenever I manage to travel back in time to warn myself that Linksys is not a good thing.