Bright Blue Light

The new server is now up and running, serving both this site and my e-mail accounts. There were of course a few minor hiccups when it went live, but they should all be sorted out now. Time will show if the new server is more stable than the old one, but one thing is for sure: It’s a lot faster, with an insignificant load average compared to the old server. Now all I have to do is to sit back and wait for the one-liners to get picked up by another high volume site and see if the server is able to handle the peak traffic.

There are two minor annoyances I’ll have to solve, though. First of all, the CPU fan is too noisy. I kind of already knew this before I turned it on, and I’ve ordered a new one that should be more silent. If it’s not, I’ll still need a backup fan. Then there are the two LED lights in the chassis’ front panel. They are literately illuminating my living room. Why do case manufacturers install LED lights that could easily double as head lights for a MAC truck? I don’t know. Disconnecting them is not an option, because I want some visual indication that the hard drives are working every now and then. It can probably be solved with some semi-transparent tape, though, so it’s not a biggie.

And now for something completely different.

Tomorrow it’s Friday, which means that the weekend is coming soon. After I began working at the NRK, I’ve really started to appreciate weekends. It’s a bit weird, because it was when I was in my last job I really should have embraced every weekend as it was my last. It might be because in this job I really feel that I’ve got the time off from work, while I was never really able to completely forget about my previous job when I should. And let’s face it, most of last year was a very, very long weekend.

I’m spending Friday with Hans Olav, we’re making dinner and if we’re able to get out of that without food poisoning - we usually do - the plan is to go to Revolver and listen to a some guy Hans Olav knows play in his band. Or perform solo, I don’t know. On Saturday morning, I’m going to the gym, and that’s pretty much all the plans I have for this weekend. My 2010 workouts are going quite well, by the way. So far this year I’ve been to the gym 9 times. You can’t see it, but I’m padding myself on my shoulder now. Good work!

I should, however, make more plans, because I’d like time to fly like a bullet1. The reason is, of course, that there are still way too many days left until Anniken returns. Talking to her on Skype today was great, but it also made me miss her even more. She is having a lot of fun, and I’m very happy that she is, but I dearly wish that I was with her to share the good times.

But, being rational; we’ll have all the time in the world to share the good times when she gets back home. Tomorrow is January 22, meaning that there are only ten days left until February and then we’re half way there in terms of months. February is only 28 days this year - not like 2008, when I was counting down to quit my job and February was totally screwing me over by being 29 days - and 28 days is like nothing compared to both December and January, which both were a whopping 31 days! And after 28 days of February, the last month will fly. Like a bullet.

This is me being rational. I’m wondering what I’m like when I’m rambling.

Anyway. 69 days and counting.

I hope you’re not getting too tired of reading entries like this - I know I would have I wasn’t the one writing it - because it’ll continue until she gets home.

  1. “Time flies like a bullet. Fruit flies like a banana.” Oh, I’m killing me. More. ↩︎


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