Today I watched about an hour of Britney Spears. No matter how strange it sounds, I did - and I admit it. I think it was a re-issue of her live show from Las Vegas. A show with some rather impressive effects, a good band and some really good backup dancer. I don’t listen to her manufactured and over-commercialized muzak, but I guess it would have been a great show to be at anyway. And she is hot, hot, HOT! OK, the girl can’t sing live (we know the mike is off when you are tapping your fingers against it and no sound except your voice is coming through, Britney), she is an average or so dancer, few people has applauded her acting skills and she probably did get a boob-job (I, and the rest of the male population of Earth, sends a warm greeting to the plastic surgeon). But if I suddenly find her at my door step, I probably would have let her in, to put it that way… “Hey, girl! Stop singing and get nekkid!” Oh, I yearn for Interactive TV… Come to think of it, it already exists in some form (thissiteisnotresponsibleforthecontentofsiteslinkedto!).

I finally got a summer job and started working last Tuesday. The job is all right, I walk around in a huge store room 8 hours a day putting stuff in boxes and plastic bags. The pay sucks, though. Only $9/hour. But I’ll probably earn enough to buy me a good portable PC. Considering a Dell, a Zepto (Norwegian brand at a respectable price) and one I found at QXL.

Tomorrow I’m going to Oslo to attend the Norwegian Wood festival with Christine and Merete. A few days ago I was really looking forward to it, but now I’m mostly just neutral. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve already paid over $35 for the ticket, I probably would have dropped the whole thing. I guess it’s mostly because of the weather, the forecast says rain and that’s not a good thing at an outdoors arrangement…


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