There have been a lot of talk about my MacBook Pro lately, and here is some more ramblings about the same topic. A few days ago my trusty Logitech mouse started to misbehave. It was very hard to left click and when it worked, the mouse usually registered it as click-and-hold. It basically made it impossible to use the computer. I opened and cleaned the mouse, but it didn’t help, so I decided it was time to get a new one.

Unfortunately, my local Mac hardware pusher didn’t have any Mighty Mice left in the store, but they would get new ones the day after. Not much of a crisis, really, since I could use the touchpad on the MacBookin the meantime. Or perhaps not: For some reason, it was impossible to press down the touchpad’s key. It was completely stuck. Then I understood that the mouse was never the problem; the stuck pad key was causing this.

But why the hell was it stuck in that position? It was more likely that it would get stuck when clicked down, not popping back up. It was not until I turned the MacBook upside down I finally understood what the root cause of the problem was.

The battery had expanded in every direction and now it was pushing the pad key up, making the computer continuously register left clicks. On the bright side it didn’t explode or become a flaming inferno and it was rather uncomplicated to get the battery replaced. I called Apple support, got a reference number, took the battery with me to an Apple store and got a new one, no questions asked.

I’m not the only one with this problem and if you have a MacBook Pro, too, I recommend that you take a look at your battery every now and then.


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