On my way home from work today I was overtaken by a speeding police cruiser with wailing sirens that stopped just hundred meters in front of me. Like many people I’m drawn towards emergency vehicles and police officers like flies to a fresh pile of cow dirt, so I just had to have a look.

It turns out there reason they were in a hurry was some hobo creating a bit of a ruckus at the subway who had to be taken care of. When he was taken away he screamed out to the crowd that had gathered: “You fucking pussies, why are you not helping me?”.

Well, I don’t know, dude. Why are we not helping you? Maybe it’s because you just called us a bunch fucking pussies? Or maybe it’s because we’ve been listening to you screaming totally incoherent stuff in your all too familiar hobo-way for the last three minutes? Maybe it’s because you’re doing everything you can to avoid getting arrested, therefore - at least in a country where the police force is not as corrupt as in some other countries around the world - probably have done something that justifies what the police is doing; taking you away.

But hang in there, my bearded friend. Let me jump to your rescue, overpower the three police officers that are currently struggling to get you into their cruiser and help you to escape and regain your freedom!

All right, so the real issue here is probably how he became a bum in the first place and how society should act to help this poor guy get his life back on track, but that can wait for another entry.


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