Once again I smelled smoke when I got out of bed. And once again, someone almost burned the apartment building to the ground; this time we were even closer than the last time. Yesterday night, one of the girls I live with and her boyfriend decided to turn on an electric heater before they went to bed - to get some heat in the bedroom. Not a very bad idea, except for two things:

  1. The heater was of the type where you can see the heating elements. I’m not exactly sure what it’s called in English, but “death trap” is probably a good description.
  2. The heater was located a little to close to the bed.

During the night one of their bed sheets fell out of the bed and ended up on the top of the heater. Heater plus bed sheet on top equals smoke and stuff. Lucky, they woke up before it was to late and everything went all right. This time.

So now there have been two unsuccessful attempts on setting the apartment on fire in the last two weeks.

Stop that!