Long time, no post. The main reason is not that I live a completely eventless life, but rather that I have a hard time writing about events these days. Not sure why, but that’s the case.

The site is getting close to an anniversary - the 1000th entry. This will be entry number nine hundred and ninety three. Over the years I’ve written a lot more than a thousand entries, but since I was not thinking about the future when I was younger I never saved anything. Kind of stupid because in twenty years time I’ll probably look back at these entries and laugh my ass off. It would have been nice to have all of them from the very first one I wrote.

So what kind of crazy stuff have I been doing since we last spoke? Well, last Sunday I played Space Empires IV for eight hours straight. That’s _really_crazy. I won my first game ever, which was fun. On Saturday I met Hans Olav, Frida and Daniel downtown. Even if I was on technical support duty I took my chances, brought with me my “laptop” - it’s not really a laptop, it’s a Dell Latitude D800 beast - and three mobile phones; my own, the support phone and one I knew I could use as a UMTS modem with the D800 if I was unable to find any hotspots if all hell broke loose and I had to get online in a hurry. You know how it is with us former boy scouts: We’re always prepared. Thankfully nothing support-related happened.

On the bus to the city center I got my share of action for the weekend. Some drug addict, high as a kite at the time, was making a lot of commotion and the bus driver wanted the guy to leave between two stops. Not surprisingly, the guy didn’t really want to do that and when confronted, he allegedly showed the bus driver that he had a knife. I never saw that because the guy was behind me, but other people in the bus mentioned the knife later.

Since the druggie wasn’t really threatening anyone - yet - the bus driver didn’t open any of the doors to let people out, regulations prevents him from letting people off between stops. Instead he calmly walk to the front of the bus, and calls the cops.

The police in Oslo is a bit on the edge when it comes to people with knifes combined with public transportation after an incident a few years ago. A guy who should have been locked up at a psychiatric ward pulled out a huge knife on a tram and started stabbing random people. A young man was killed, a lot of people injured. Now it took only a minute from the police were hailed until they were by the bus with three patrol cars and six or eight officers.

The first of the officers who approached the bus had his expandable steel baton in his hand and a look at his face that told everyone that he was here to get this guy. The druggie calmly left the bus even before the officer was inside. Probably the best idea he had all day.


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