Bush, Blair & Aznar: You’re all gonna DIE!

Yep, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the shit is about to hit the fan in the Middle East. The World Police - United States President George W. Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar - has the decided that listening to the rest of the world is not an option. At 01:00 GMT/UTC tonight, President Bush will address the American people and most likely give Saddam Hussein 72 hours to surrender, or the bombs will start falling. Since it’s not very likely that Saddam will surrender, The United States, Great Britain and Spain will be at war with Iraq on Thursday. It’s bad, bad, bad. But at least there will be something on the idiot box 24/7.

SARS is also on the move, it seems, According to the WHO there have been a total of 167 confirmed SARS cases and four deaths, as opposed to the 800+ cases and 9 deaths I’ve seen reported in the newspapers. Do they ever check their sources? In these newspapers, I’ve seen reports of possible outbreaks in London and even here in Norway. So don’t believe everything you read. Go directly to the source - in this case, it’s the World Health Organization.

But enough about madmen at war and killer germs.

On the more local level, very little happened today. I spent eight hours down at the university, getting a little work done. Then I ate dinner with Hans Olav and two of his friends from Bergen, whose names I just can’t seem to remember, since I suck at remembering names. Then basketball practice, went to the store and now I’m writing this. In other words not the most eventful day I’ve had.

Tomorrow me and Hans Olav might head downtown to take some pictures of the city, and Stine has volunteered for another portrait session. And that’s great!

Oh, and the movie that Merete had been working on actually won the first prize at the short film festival. She keeps on impressing me.


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