Business in Rome

I’m back from a quick business trip to Rome. I spent 6 hours on a plane to get to and from a meeting that I wish was held in Oslo, but you know what it’s like. When the customer says “jump” we ask “how high?”

The meeting was in a new area of Rome, not far from the university. Everything is new, some of the lots so new, in fact, that they didn’t even have houses on them yet. The guys we were visiting were located in a building that only housed software development companies. Their office was initially a huge open space and an architect had done their interior design. In the middle of open space was now an oval meeting room, which looked nice, but didn’t work very well because of the lack of a roof and you could hear all the noise from the rest of the office space. But they were working on fixing it, and I’m sure it will work very well when they’re done.

If you thought that the taxi drivers in Rome knew every single street in the city, you were wrong. Our driver had no idea where this new tech area of the city was located and ended up missing by about 5 kilometers on his first attempt.

I could’ve used the opportunity to learn some Italian swearing.


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