All work and no play makes Vegard a bad boy!

Update: In response to yesterday’s comments:

Christian Borch

I give the people what the people want.

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  1. just letting you know that on liner #164 “If all the girls in australia were laid end to end, i wouldn’t be at all surprised”. won’t surprise you. i’ve spent the last 7 months here, and somwhow they seem to be just the same as home in norway…

  2. Klas: .. hm.. I guess you’re better off than that poor kid in Sixth Sense.. you know the “I see dead people” kid.. :)

  3. “I see mistakes” .. I was of course directing my comment to Kristoffer .. not Klas.. but I guess you understood that..

  4. I give the people what the people want.
    In that case I want one of these, to spare you from having to snail mail it to me I’ll take the trip up to Oslo and pick it up.. When can I come and get it?? :)

  5. hey dude! take a day off work and update your webpage. I’m getting tired of looking at that boring NRK guy. hey… I just got an idea. why don’t you update your page daily with just a picture from “Cali es Cali”? wouldn’t that be fun?


  6. damn it, klas! you took it from 19 to 20 comments, which is just too much for such an inconsequential entry! no offense, vegard, but surely you know what i mean?

    and yes, i realise i’m taking it to 21, but the damage had been done already. it’s like how the leap from year ten to year eleven at school in australia is considered a greater leap than from year eleven to year twelve.

  7. ARGH.. yet another false alarm from the “check-for-site-updates” in FireFox .. annoying..
    But this still leaves the main question unanswered.. Has Vegard left the building?!?

  8. beldin: I don’t think he has left the building. the opposite is more likely. the evildoers at NRK have probably locked him in the basement and chained him to a computer with no internet connection.


  9. He’s still there, lacking a shitload of boxes now though. I sat a new speedrecord driving from Oslo to Notodden, and that includes 10 minutes of “stau” in drammen. Yay for me!

  10. Mel or Monty?
    Passion or Python?

    I say: Crusifiction? yes? well, go straight and then left. There’s one cross each…

    (just a little bored of my school projects…)