Stine ditched me in favor of a cousin or something tonight, a thing that’s not as bad as it sounds. Since I didn’t have any other plans and could devote the entire evening to the never-ending story a.k.a. the project. But after about a half an hour or something, my brain refused to work anymore and I had to do something else.

First, I vacuumed parts of the apartment. It was about time, as some of the dust bunnies were giving each other nick names. That done, I had something to eat, fixed one of those things you just slap in frying pan. Hallvard told me that he had come down with a serious case of throwing up after eating the same dish when we were studying in Grimstad. That may explain my excessive farting at the moment. I’ve got a tendency to give you all too many details, haven’t I? So enough about that.

After that I decided to enhance the textads a little with some new features, but first I surfed around a little and came across some articles about an old friend, a brown box I spent way too much time with when I was a kid.

I guess the heading in this post don’t mean much to many of you. C64 is short for Commodore 64, the classic 8-bit computer that got me hooked on bits and bytes in the first place. My father bought one used from a friend when I was, I dunno, 8 maybe. And the best of all - it came with a shitload of games. So, in short, that purchase is the main reason for my total lack of social antennas, bad language and potential fortune (if I ever get my Master of Computer Science degree).

So, I just had to step inside the time machine and head back to the 80s. In general, the 80s are ten years we should never, ever speak about again. Except for the C64, of course. I found Lemon, which looks like the only resource you’ll ever need if you want to play C64 games again. I quickly installed an emulator (I settled with VICE, which has worked flawlessly so far and it takes close to no CPU, so SETI@home keeps on running happily in the background) and downloaded one of my favorite 8-bit games - Choplifter. Hooah.

Well, I’m off to play some more.