Caching. Click, click.

Canon EOS 300D finally arrived today. It’s a huge motherfucker, but it’s got all the bells and whistles I’ll ever need. One of the people I live with – I could mention names, add them all the Cast-section and tell you all about them, but I’ve not talked to them about it yet, so it’ll have to wait – has got a few lenses and some books on photography laying around, so tonight I’ve been reading a little about the basics. There are tons and tons of information about the art of photography on the web, but at the end of the day, nothing beats a book. I’m starting to get the hang of some basic theory, but it’ll take a while before I can use any of it properly in real life. Hopefully, I’ve not bought a $1,500 paper weight.

I’ve now implemented PHP Markdown with my CMS. Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid XHTML. This means that I don’t have to use as much HTML when I write my entries.

This entry will be posted using PHP Markdown, and I’m a little curious to see if it works like it’s supposed to or not. If you see this and it doesn’t look like crap – more crap than it usually looks like, that is – it probably worked.

Did you know that the word “crap” is the most popular swear word in the latest Linux kernels?

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  1. Congratulations, you saw the post the 30 seconds it looked like crap.

    Some bug messing up when adding and entry, but everything is fixed when it’s edited. I’m looking into it now.

  2. … I would say that everything seems fine with your entry, if my blurred vision doesn’t fool me that is.

    I think I have second thoughts about the job offer. a summer without pay or my brothers is a big downside. what to do… what to do…


  3. new cam – check
    minivan – check
    drivers licence – check
    lots of inspiration – check

    this could be a summer to remember…


  4. The CMS handles both HTML and Markdown syntax in the database. Which means that, if I ever let more people in, they can use whatever they are most comfortable with.