Yes, I’m still in Cairns and still alive, breathing and well. After a night at Hides Hotel in a room without A/C but with a fan that was once used as an airplane engine I’ve now moved to Shenannigans, a combined hostel, motel and pub place. Central and not too pricey.

Yesterday I met up with Klas and some other crew members from the cruise boat “Spirit of Freedom” he is currently working on. Happy to be back on dry land, they had already emptied a few kegs of beer when I met them around one in the afternoon. After a couple of hours of chit chat and beers, me and Klas went back to Shenannigans where we booked him a room and picked up some stuff he had put in storage while he was out conquering the Seven Seas.

Come Tuesday. The weather machine is still broken and it’s been raining more or less all day.