Since I’ve now finally passed on support duty to the next guy on the list, I can run with the Nike+ kit. To work well, the shoe sensor needs to be calibrated so I spent half an hour at Bislet Stadium yesterday to do it properly. I was a bit surprised to find out that the main stadium is actually open for the public parts of the year, to use for free.

Now the sensor is calibrated correctly, during the one test run I did around the track it measured exactly 400 meters, like it should. Now I can find check how long the routes I’ve been running so far really are. Excellent.

I had my first hands-on experience with an Apple iPhone today. One of the guys at work is sort of a cell phone nerd - which is a good thing since he is pretty much working with cell phone related tasks all day - and he knows a guy who knows a guy and so on until some guy is living in the US of A and that guy sent one over.

It’s thin for sure, but way too large if you - like me - sometimes have your cell phone in your pant pocket because you need both hands for something else. The phone is surprisingly fast, but then again I’m used to the sluggish Nokia and Sony Ericsson user interfaces. Still no real reason to really, really want one.