Capturing the Moment

Yesterday I was out of bed before seven in the morning, something that’s quite unnatural for me to do on a Saturday. The reason for this mentally deranged action was that I’ve got three empty picture frames hanging on the walls in my room that I’d like to fill with something. I bought them last week when I went with The Girlfriend to one of the nearby IKEA stores to help her buy two CD racks. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the racks she wanted. Not really planning to buying anything myself, I ended up burning about $100 worth on stuff, including the three picture frames.

What the point of hanging three empty picture frames on the walls? To force me to go outside and take some nice pictures. And when I woke up on Saturday, I thought I could go outside and try to capture the sunrise. I haven’t looked at any of the pictures I took yet. Empty picture frames can be quite decorative in and of themselves, by the way…

My SleepTracker hasn’t arrived yet, and that sucks monkey balls since it’s been a few days now since Tomas shipped it from Sweden. It could be that it’s stuck in customs, or that some butterfingered Swedish mailman misplaced it. Hopefully it’ll arrive early next week.

UPDATE: Out of the 40+ pictures I took Saturday morning, I found two that I find good enough to post here. You can see them both in the Gallery, “Snowstorm Illusion” and yet another untitled masterpiece…


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