So, the latest release of FreeBSD got loose on the master FTP and mirror servers today. When I noticed it, I submitted a short story to Slashdot just to let everybody know. The story was accepted and posted on the front page. Bad move, bad move indeed. Their master server is now down because of the famous Slashdot-effect and some people are outright mad because the story was posted before the official announcement was made by the FreeBSD team and a press release was issued. Thankfully, the heat is not on me, but on the editor who accepted and posted the story.

But, to be honest, the way FreeBSD is handling their releases is not very intelligent. Why are they making them available on public FTP sites before they officially announce the release?

Anyway, I’ll probably install the new release, 5.0, on the V-Box some time this weel and put up a short guide on how to set up FreeBSD with all the nice servers you all like and need to have.