Charting the Activity

Today has been Activity Charts day. Tons of the. For the project. I’m really tired of activity charts. Yeah. Let’s talk about something else.

Following the last days total lack of self-check in the talkback, I’m considering doing a rollback, just to the get rid of the worst and most meaningless posts. Or just to leave them as a good pointer on how not to do things. Ha! Speaking about the talkback, you might have noticed the short Christina Aguilera discussion and the nice picture I posted here. If you like this girl, not necessarily her music, but rather the way she looks, I also recommend having a look here. “I wanna be dirty!” Yeah, you go right ahead and be that, girl. Don’t mind me.

One of the most entertaining thing about having a web site, apart from getting feedback, is watching the logs. This month I will have about 1450 unique visitors. That is a good increase from June, which was my first full month at this domain, whit 579 unique visitors. Of course, I generate a lot of this traffic, but a little investigating have shown that there are actually people I don’t know who visit me regularly. Yay!

An even more interesting log is the errors_log generated by the Apache web server. So far this month, I’ve had 98 errors, and of these

> about 30 were generated by automated hacking attempts, mainly trying to exploit Microsoft IIS server vulnerabilities (get your scripts to check what kind of server you’re attacking, kids) and sending SPAM with the script - which does not exists on the server, so just give it up, unclefuckas. > 14 generated by browsers requesting the favicon.ico when users bookmark my site. Also called a “good” error > 5 or so showed up in the logs simply because I’ve messed up a couple of links along the way. Sue me. > The rest generated by me when testing stuff.

But enough about this nerd stuff. Oh, wait, I’ve got a little more for you. If you check out the SETI@home stats, you will notice that I’ve now passed the 1000 working units milestone, and is the proud (doh…) owner of a 1000 WU certificate. And that completes today’s nerdy business.


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