Another weekend wooshed pased. Yes, I did play a lot of TOCA Race Driver 3, yes, I did like it a lot and, yes, the amount of precision it took to win some of the races really pissed me off at times. So I did what all bad loosers do - I cheated.

Being a cheater sets you back another few bucks in addition to what you paid for the game. You actually have to buy the cheat codes. This is a brilliant idea, really - when you start a championship, the game will generate a random number and this number will decide what your cheat codes will look like. This means that the cheat codes you’ll find on Google won’t help you much unless your copy of TOCA generated exactly the same random number. Anyway, getting the cheat codes for your game will not cost you much, only, £2.99 - less than half the price of a movie ticket and tons and tons of more fun.

Just to get you started, I’ll share with you two of the cheats for my save game, my bonus code is 981 (I think):

  • Enter R95HK0CYT0WV7 - Invincible cars
  • Enter 1PN5C3TJVLK06 - Unlock the Honda Championship (this isn’t really a cheat and you don’t have to pay anything for it - simply go to to get the code to unlock it.