Continuing in yesterday’s nerdy lane, I’d like to recommend a site for those of you who like to keep up to date on what’s happening in the world of Internet security: Internet Storm Center is a site that “is rapidly expanding in a quest to do a better job of finding new storms faster, isolating the sites that are used for attacks, and providing authoritative data on the types of attacks that are being mounted against computers in various industries and regions around the globe.” Interesting stuff.

A while back I bought The Matrix Revolutions. Today I had the time to see it. It’s a so-so movie - although I think it’s better than some people - but the effects are kick-ass, even on my rather lousy 25 inch idiot box. I don’t get everything in the movie, the dialog is somewhat confusing at times and it seems like Wachowski brothers might have taken a few shortcuts at certain places.

  • What do you say, Andy? I’ve haven’t got a clue what to write here. What should The Oracle say?
  • I don’t know either, Larry.
  • Oh, I got it - what about “You already know”?
  • All right, but what the hell does that mean?
  • I don’t know, let the viewers figure that one out.
  • What a great idea! You should start writing political speeches, man!

Or maybe the script just wasn’t meant for dumb people like me, I dunno.

In other unrelated news I should probably mention that I’m going to London tomorrow and won’t return until some time Wednesday night. That means that my nice new trend of daily updates will break, but fear not, I’ll start again when I get back.