As you know, I’ve been following the Formula 1 season this year and I’ve had a lot of fun and of course some boring moments. There are only two more races left this season, in China this weekend and in Brazil in two weeks. It’s been an interesting season, with team spying, the one hundred million dollar fine to McLaren, and some very exciting races - in particular Europe Grand Prix in Germany.

A new nugget in Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton, is currently in the top spot of the driver championship standings with 107 points. His McLaren team mate and reigning champion, Fernando Alonso, is on second place, 12 points behind. 10 points are awarded for 1st place, meaning that if Hamilton wins the race in China, or at least finish in front of Alonso, the Brit will win the championship.

Personally, I’d like to see Hamilton fail miserably and Alonso - even if he does behave like a total dick at times - wins the championship this year. Why? Hamilton is a great driver, but I have the impression it’s been to easy for him. What a nerve that guy has, winning the Formula 1 Championship in his first season? It cannot be tolerated.

Even if Hamilton does win China Grand Prix, and there is a good chance he will do just that if he keeps up the great driving, he might still have 107 points when this race weekend is over: During the end of a safety car lap during Japan Grand Prix, Hamilton fucked up behind the safety car and supposedly caused the two cars behind him to crash. If FIA decides that Hamilton caused the crash, he will lose the 10 points he was awarded for the win in Japan.

Fingers crossed.


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