code name nina

So, I finally sat down and wrote the rant. Unfortuantely, as I told you before, I chickened out and changed the real name of the girl it’s all about. But it’s a bit amusing anyway. Here’s an excerpt:

“Some of you will probably just blow air between your half open mouth (and make that pffbt sound) and think something like “you’ve got a crush on her, man, it will not last for long and then you can start thinking of other things.” Wrong. I’ve been like this since the first time I saw her. 2 years ago. Hey, you two at the back! Stop screaming “pathetic”!. This thing will stop in about 10 months when I’m graduation from college and move someplace else.”

Click here for the whole story. Whoho!

I’m going to Florida in four days. The following flights better not fall down from the sky:


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