My life experienced a major setback entertainment-wise yesterday. Anette finally moved her stuff out of the apartment, and in that process she took her TV with her. With no Internet connection and no TV, I’m now living in the pre-1935 world of entertainment; ladies and gentlemen, say hello to an old friend - the radio. I need to buy a book or something. Hans Olav (there’s another one for the cast, I guess) is moving to Oslo these days to start in his summer-job. I might have to start bugging him. Or the other few people I’m lucky enough to know in this large city.

No TV. That means no The Simpsons! What is the world coming to?!

One of the priviliges of working at NRK is that I get access to the latest of the latest mobile phones models from most of the major manufacturers. Yeah, I know I’ve been mentioned this a couple of times before, but I honestly just wanted to rub it in one more time. One of the other perks is the automatic coffee maker at the office. A huge monster that produces quite a lot of different types of coffee and even hot chocolate. And the best thing? It’s completely free. The downside is that it’s in my nature to try every single type of coffee the maching is able to spit out. This has led to me actually starting to drink coffee on a semi-regular basis. What we really need is an automatic beer brewer. That would have been something.

The last couple of days have been surprisingly productive. I’ve actually been able to code stuff that work. I’ll probably have parts of it live on NRK’s WAP server tomorrow morning. If you’ve been using the WAP service before, you won’t notice any difference; what the client sees is the same as before, but the system running in the background has mostly been rewritten from scratch. I’ve also got a couple of new pages ready, but I don’t have enough data to display anything sensible just yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks, I don’t know. The main thing is that it’s ready, or as ready as can be. Bugs will surface, make no mistake about it.