Moving from the shared apartment into my own apartment sure was nice. No more queuing in front of the bathroom door in the morning, no more waking up in the middle of the night by the sound of people having sex in the next door bedroom, no more enormous electricity bills because people failed to turn off the lights when they left the apartment.

The new apartment even has hot water and central heating included in the monthly expenses. The only major issue with central heating is that it has to be turned on to really have an effect. Right now it’s minus four degrees centigrade outside and the central heater in my apartment building is still turned off.

It is supposed to be turned on, of course. The old oil fueled boiler has been replaced by one fueled by gas, probably to save money and to reduce the pollution. Did the tenant-owner’s association get the proper permissions from the local authorities to store gas in an apartment building basement?

No, they didn’t. That’s the problem.

So now we have a nice and modern gas fueled boiler that we can’t turn on. And the temperature is falling, both outside and inside. I’ve only got a small heater and if the information I’ve got is correct - “we don’t really have a clue when the boiler can be turned on” - I probably should consider getting a larger one.