I once again made good use of my 1337 PHP and expanded the comment feature so that you can now comment on both the Gallery and Moblog entries, in addition to normal entries.

Have fun.

I also added a few new one-liners I found on a poster when I was at the party at Gunnar’s place last Saturday:

  • Anything good in life is either illegal, immoral or fattening.
  • A Smith & Wesson beats four aces.
  • If everything seems to be going right, you obviously don’t know what the hell is going on.
  • Friends come and go, enemies accumulate.
  • Everyone has a scheme for getting rich that will not work.
  • The repairman will never have seen a model quite like yours before.
  • The chance of a piece of bread falling the buttered side down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet.


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