Latest miserable development (this gets a bit complicated, so try to stay focused): TC’s friend saw the message I left her last night - but she didn’t answer it. A couple of minutes later, her friend’s sister visited my profile on the site where I’d left the message. The friend’s sister is actually the girlfriend of the guy whose phone number I’m trying to get my hands on so I can ask him if he’s heard anything from TC lately.

Still hanging in there? Good.

Now I’m starting to believe that TC might not be zoning out, but that she’s rather blowing me off in the most ridiculous way possible - the good, old Cut Him OffTM routine. She didn’t strike me as someone who would do that, but it could very well be that I’m wrong. But I’m not giving up just yet, even though I’m slowly losing the will to fight for anything here, I feel that I need to talk to TC to know what she’s really up to. If she’s zoning out, then this might be a problem for me to deal with, if she’s blowing me off, fair enough, these things happen.

Anyway, I left a message for the friend’s sister, let’s see if she answers it or not.