Computed Tomography.

On Thursday I had my head examined again, this time in one of them CT machines. When inside the machine, I was looking at pictures and clicking buttons and having a lot of fun. I did it as a part of the same study I did the neuro psychological tests in September. Looking at the pictures they’d taken wasn’t that much fun because they had to analyse them to get good visual results, but they showed me a vertical cross through my head, which was interesting.

The CT machine, made by Siemens, made a hell of a lot of noise, and I’m not sure how healthy it is either. On Friday morning I had a headache and didn’t feel very well.

That’s pretty much the only interesting thing that happened last week.

I’ve ordered an A3 paper copy of this picture, depending on the end result I might be able to wipe off #9 from The List. There is also a slight possibility that I might be able to remove #1 from the list soon, too. We’ll see how things work out.

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  1. maybe the headaches indicate that you are in the first stages of becoming a super hero.

    Siemen hahaha

    cool picture. you should definately submit one to some of my photo projects.

  2. Hehe…

    “WTF? Look at the CT scans of Vegard’s head: They’re empty! The man has no brain…”

    “Hmmm, interesting..”

    “Shit, here he comes! We can’t tell him he doesn’t have a brain! What do I say?”

    “Oh, just make something up. Like we need to ‘analyse them to get good visual results’ or some bs like that.”