Still no word from TC. I’ve not tried to reach her since Tuesday, I guess when she doesn’t want to be found, it’s not that hard to disappear. But if I haven’t heard anything tomorrow evening, I’m calling her friend to check if he’s heard anything. Maybe he has already, I don’t know.

What’s to note about this story on TC disappearance is that I’ve been updating the site all week. It’s a while since I did that, the frequent updates have probably returned because something interesting finally happened. It’s not that I live a totally uneventful life, I do experience the odd exiting thing now and then, but my life had in a way turned into an old LP record with a large scratch in it, the same part playing over and over again. There was something about TC that made the pickup jump a little past the scratch and the record kept on playing, with some fresh tunes this time.

I’m writing about her like she’ll be gone forever. Maybe she will. I don’t know. I hope not. I need to talk to her.

Another interesting thing is the feedback I’ve got from the entries. It’s been nothing in the comments, but I’ve got some e-mails, a few MSN messages and a couple of comments from people I’ve talked to, both close and remote friends. The consensus is that’s it’s been an interesting read, with some entertainment value. And most of them scratch their heads, wondering what the hell is going on. Like me, I also wonder, but I don’t think I wonder that much, because I’ve got more background information. I know some of the facts that led to TC disappearance. I think it’s somewhat important to point out that even if I do share a lot of personal details on this site, I’m very careful when it comes to revealing the secrets of other people. There is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that I’ll probably never tell you about. I know I’ve said this before, and some of you’re probably tired of hearing about it, but it’s still an important thing for me to emphasize.

Maybe my point is that you shouldn’t be scared to talk to me. If you want to, you can share your deepest, most intimate secrets with me. Because they stay with me, they are never allowed to flee. And they certainly never, ever end up here - unless it’s all right with you, of course. Because, let’s face it, the juicy details is what gather the really huge crowds.

On a side note, I’ve received a couple of new one-liners from visitors over the last couple of months, I’ll try to find time to add them tomorrow. There’s also a bug in the mobog I need to hunt down.

Now, sleep.


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