I know that this is not even remotely interesting for most of you, but here goes anyway:

Not only have I started playing EVE Online again, this time I’m even contributing. I’m a member of a corporation, and the corporation is a member of an alliance. Being a member of an alliance means that you have to participate in fleet and mining operations. Since I really don’t know how to blow up stuff in the game, I can’t really attend any of the fleet operations unless they need bait or canon fodder. So my way of contributing is through mining operations and this weekend I joined one for the first time.

It’s interesting to see the way the operation is organized. The mining barges and exhumers used by the miners are sitting ducks in the asteroid belts and they need protection from rats and enemy ships. The fleet commander also needs to make sure the gates to the solar system are secure and haulers are needed to transport the mined ore from the belt to alliance storage facilities. All in all quite a complex logistical operation. I think I counted about 60 players in the fleet when it was at its largest.

Personally, I think I’ll mine a little on my own right now.


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