In nature when doing landscape work that includes sky, especially early or late in the day, the contrast range encountered often exceeds that which film or imaging chips can handle. It’s therefore necessary to find a way to reduce the contrast range to something that the camera can handle so that the highlights don’t burn out and the shadow areas don’t turn inky black.

From The Luminous Landscape.

Well, that sound strangely familiar. It’s exactly what I experienced during my Saturday morning photo shoot. Thanks to the resident photography expert, Tor Olav, I was able to find a lot of interesting information about the problem on the Internet. If you’re having a similar problem; you should check out the following resources for hints and tips.

So, does anyone have a copy of PhotoShop CS they want to give away?

It’s damned hot today, and Oslo is having its warmest day so far this summer with temperatures over thirty degrees Celsius. That would probably not have been strange if Oslo was in Egypt, but it’s not. I like it hot - pun intended - but this is a bit too much. When you’re not used to it, thirty degrees is a bit too much, especially when there is no wind either. It’s too hot to do anything but lay in the shadow of a palm tree while some hot chick - see below - serves umbrella drinks. Ah, yeah…

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