Count Slowly to Ten. Repeat Until Calm

Some weekends nothing happens, all your friends are busy and the only source of entertainment you can find is yourself, which in my case can get pretty damn boring at times. Other weekends too much happen and you’ve to start turning down people. Yesterday was like that, but in the end I joined Ola for a few beers at Amsterdam Café and had a good time. Today I took my bike to Holmenkollen, which was a nice, but rather hot trip. I’m also in the progress of learning the Daniel Bedingfield song “Wrap My Words Around You” on the guitar. I’m not much of a Bedingfield guy, but it’s a nice song and it only has five or so rather easy chords so it shouldn’t be that much of a problem to learn it. My main challenge is to build up the speed to change the chords quickly enough.

Latest development in the TC-story: I tried to get hold of her again yesterday, sent an SMS message before I met Ola, she didn’t answer that one, then I tried to call her on my way home. Once again I got her answering machine and once again I left a message. Still haven’t heard jack shit. If there is still no sound from her tomorrow evening, I’ll start to hunt down her friends to see if they know what she’s up to. My frustration is slowly turning into apathy and head shaking, although I have to admit that I’m a tad worried that something might have happened. Let’s hope not.

Oh, wait, hang on a second. There, now I’m back to frustration. God damn!

Now I’ll call Merete and see if I’ve got more luck with her than TC and Hans Olav, who I tried to call a couple of hours ago, and he’s not picking up either. Should I be seeing a bad pattern here?


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