Anniken has now been away for a little over three weeks. That means she’s soon been gone for one out of four months. And let me tell you, these three weeks have been slow! It seems like forever since she left and that “forever” is only those three weeks. I wonder how long four months will feel. Probably pretty damn long.

Thankfully, her cell phone works (ish) where she is now, and though South American mobile networks might not be the most reliable in the world, it seems most of the text messages gets through.

Since she left, I’ve had some serious trouble sleeping. I can’t really remember the last time I didn’t fall asleep almost instantly after going to bed. Well, I remember the last time, and it’s long ago. The last two mornings, I’ve been wide awake an hour before my alarm clock usually goes off as well. Don’t get me wrong, waking up and actually being awake is great, but can it wait another hour. Please?

Anyway. Roughly 100 days to go!

The title of this entry came from the fact that I’m writing it on my HTC Hero while sitting on the bus. Even though I managed, writing a lot of text on a tiny keyboard can be quite the pain. This is the first time I post anything to the site from my marvelous HTC, it’ll be interesting to see how well it works, if at all. Can you see this? Well, then it did.

To really check how well posting works, I’ve added a picture of an emergency exit sign I spotted a while back. If you can see it, I would be greatful if someone can tell me what it tries to tell me, because I’m having a hard time figuring it out.