This weekend wasn’t the most eventful one. When I stopped working around four or something in the afternoon on Sunday, I felt into the void. The what-the-hell-should-I-do-now-void I usually fall into when I’ve been working a lot. I should probably have gone for a run, but I didn’t want to. Maybe try to redesign the site (again). But I had no creativity. Play poker with Hallvard, Gunnar and Ola. Didn’t feel like it.

That’s when my trusty old Xbox came to the rescue. I’ve always been a great fan of the Need for Speed series from Electronic Arts, so I went out and bought a copy of the latest Need for Speed game, Most Wanted. Buying games is god damn expensive, but it’s not like I buy a lot of games and this was an entertainment crisis. What could be more entertaining than a car chase on a Sunday evening? Nothing I can think of, really.

NFS Most Wanted is certainly a great game. It’s a mixture of NFS Underground and NFS Hot Pursuit and it’s so damn easy, maybe a little too easy, but still a lot of fun. I played for a couple of hours on Sunday, and blew another hour in front of the TV today.

Until my Xbox locked up. Yeah, it simply just stopped working, the picture froze and my loudspeakers starting making a terrible noise. This is the first time I’ve experienced a crash on my box, but it proves that Microsoft is just as good at making gaming consoles that they are making operating systems.

Thanks to modern technology, my Nokia phone (which also crashes every now and then), you can witness the mystery of the crashing Xbox.

Download “That One Time When My Xbox Crashed” an intriguing documentary about technology’s effect on human life. You’ll need a video player capable of playing 3GP files to play it. QuickTime is an alternative.