Da mosquito killa

I didn’t do much exciting today. Had to take a short trip down to the university to scan some of my references, and while I was there, I also asked about the chief engineer position. Turns out there is a chance that they’ll give the job to someone fresh out of some university, like me. And that I’ve been attending their university probably don’t count as a negative thing. I’m sending my application tomorrow, just have to make a copy of my certificate from The University of Oslo. I like it here in Trondheim and I wouldn’t mind spending another two years here. I’ve got good friends, know the city pretty good and I’m about to get used to the rapidly changing weather. But I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind moving to Oslo either.

I started writing this entry about an hour ago, but suddenly remembered that Boomtown was showing on Swedish TV4 – yay for cable! It’s one of the few shows on TV I try to catch, and since it’s only on once a week, it’s a luxury I can afford. It’s a good show. And I get my daily fix of The Simpsons, of course. And in the middle of all this, I try to read some for my final exam. I finally got through the syllabus today, tomorrow I’ll re-read a couple of articles and try to memorize a thousand different ways to draw a diagram. And maybe some day I’ll even see some of the methods I’m learning used in real life, not just in an academic environment.

Yesterday morning I had my first kill of the year. Mosquito kill, that is. I heard a familiar buzzing, felt something land on my shoulder and went for it. One smack, one kill. The primitive man in me awoke for a few seconds before he went back to sleep.

By Vegard Skjefstad

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I feel the need to qoute Friends (and please forgive me if I get it wrong):
“Men are here..”
“Make fire, cook meat..”
“Then put out fire by peeing, never to be invited back!”

Good one. But Friends..? What happened to quoting Shakespeare?

We’re having some nice conversations here. What do you think it takes to get other| people to join, too?

You mean real people with real lives and stuff?? That sounds a bit scary.. but it might be an interresting experience.. :)

“Kindness in women, not their beauteous looks, shall win my love” – guess who

And obviously pretty high on something. I’m unable to comment any of your entries, by the way. Can’t see no form. Or am I supposed to use mind-powers?

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