I didn’t do much exciting today. Had to take a short trip down to the university to scan some of my references, and while I was there, I also asked about the chief engineer position. Turns out there is a chance that they’ll give the job to someone fresh out of some university, like me. And that I’ve been attending their university probably don’t count as a negative thing. I’m sending my application tomorrow, just have to make a copy of my certificate from The University of Oslo. I like it here in Trondheim and I wouldn’t mind spending another two years here. I’ve got good friends, know the city pretty good and I’m about to get used to the rapidly changing weather. But I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind moving to Oslo either.

I started writing this entry about an hour ago, but suddenly remembered that Boomtown was showing on Swedish TV4 - yay for cable! It’s one of the few shows on TV I try to catch, and since it’s only on once a week, it’s a luxury I can afford. It’s a good show. And I get my daily fix of The Simpsons, of course. And in the middle of all this, I try to read some for my final exam. I finally got through the syllabus today, tomorrow I’ll re-read a couple of articles and try to memorize a thousand different ways to draw a diagram. And maybe some day I’ll even see some of the methods I’m learning used in real life, not just in an academic environment.

Yesterday morning I had my first kill of the year. Mosquito kill, that is. I heard a familiar buzzing, felt something land on my shoulder and went for it. One smack, one kill. The primitive man in me awoke for a few seconds before he went back to sleep.