So, here I am, then, stuck at the office, waiting for someone to start a test that should’ve been underway over an hour ago. I have to be finished at eight if I’m going to make Collateral, which starts ten to nine.

Not much have been going on this week, as you’ve probably noticed. I’ve been working 13-14 hours every day all week, one of our clients is launching a service that could turn out to be a real money maker this weekend. Well, money maker for them, not for us, at least not in the short run. But, anyway, our system is getting pretty damn streamlined now, and we sometimes even impress ourselves when it comes to how easy it is to complete the whole chain from production to publishing of content.

Launching a service on a weekend it not the brightest of ideas, because it’ll probably mean that I should be on standby all weekend. But, hey, that’s what I’m getting paid for. Oh, wait a minute, I forgot - I don’t get paid for overtime.

As I wrote this, the test suddenly started. And everything is a-okay. Almost.