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Danish chicks – you just gotta love ’em

My Mini-ITX dream is about to turn into a fucking nightmare. First of all, the whole project is getting a little more expensive than I had hoped. So far, I’ve used over $80 more than I thought I would. The case had to be shipped from the UK, which added to the bill, and I also had to pay $40 to get it through customs. Since I had to swap my original memory modules with new and better modules, that set me back additional $40. Yesterday, I also realized that one of the modules was fucked up, so I have to go down to the store to get a new one. Not that it will cost me anything, it’s just a tad annoying.

[Hallvard just arrived with a new module for me, so I don’t have to walk all the way downtown myself. Nice.]

The fault RAM module was most likely the reason why Gentoo Linux made the box died on me everything it tried to load the operating system, to bad I didn’t realize it until after I had fdisked the system to get started on Linux From Scratch.

Since I’ve configured my very own home-grown content management system to only display five entries on the main page, entry #220 with the Hot Danish Party Chicks will be dumped in the archives when this entry is published. But have no fear, I’ll just post a new picture from the same set of pictures.:

Extremely Hot Danish Chicks Who Have Been Drinking and who are Now Doing All Kinds of Interesting Stuff

I think I’ll have to quote Chris Rock on this one: “If a girl has a pierced tongue, she’ll probably suck your dick”. Well, in this case, I certainly hope it’s true.

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