Yesterday marked the second and final day of the Slottsfjell Festival. No cancellation, excellent weather and Gine’s company certainly made it a good day. To top it off, I managed to get my hands on a signed Seigmen album, something that easily outshines my signed Mew album.

Seigmen was also the band that ended the festival with a very good concert. Too bad other Seigmen fans I know could be there, but I took the mandatory in-concert phone calls to Hallvard - who listened to most of “Lament” - and Tor Olav.

For Saturday I had also managed to charge my camera and I took quite a few pictures during the Seigmen concert. The Sigma 70-300mm lens is very good if you consider what I paid for it, but it requires a lot of light to operator properly, even at high ISO values. Since it’s not that easy to keep the camera steady at low shutter speeds, most of the pictures are probably blurry beyond repair, but I think I’ve got one or two that’re acceptable.

Picture will probably be posted later this week.