I revised The List and changed one of the items. It was probably a cowardly thing to do, but I still think, that to increase the chances of me being able prosper and maybe, some day, even reproduce, it was the right thing to do. People who know me understand that there was a lot of humour in the item I removed, but for people who don’t know me that well, it had the potential to put me in a light I’d rather not stand.

Actually, I suspect that some people who have been in the process of getting to know me has found the site, had a look, and got the shivers. I guess that getting under my skin by just reading stuff I’ve written here can be a rather mind blowing experience.

Long story short; this is not the way to get to know me. The site can be a good source of entertainment, if that’s what you are looking for. But if you want to really know the guy who wrote these words, you have to see past the words themselves and try to get the broader picture.

I feel a bit like I’m in trail here, trying not to get put on death row. I’m not quite sure why. As I’m writing this, I also feel like I’m the prosecutor; “Everything you write are also things you would’ve said, right?” “Yes, sir, that is right.” “Still, you now claim that this is not you?” “Yes, sir, that is also correct”.

Anyway, I guess that the bottom line is something like this: By all means, visit this site, close friend or not. Open every door, see every room, search every corner. But don’t think that everything you find are indisputable facts. Some are facts with a touch of fiction, while others are more fiction than actual facts.

Very little in this world is only black and white.