Late July I started to subscribe to Wired. It’s a nice magazine, they’ve got some good articles on their web site and I wouldn’t mind getting some more interesting to read than the tabloids when I’m on the throne. But for some reason, no money was withdrawn from my bank account and no copies of Wired ever appeared in my mailbox. Today I discovered why:

Dear Subscriber:

Our bank has informed us that the credit card number for your subscription to Wired was declined. We hope you still wish to subscribe.

Huh?! I just used that credit card to buy airline tickets, and that went all right. Maybe I entered the credit card wrong number, but I thought that the there was some algorithm that checked the date on the card with the number and the control number on the back. Maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, I’ll give Wired a second try and we’ll see how it goes this time.

Tomorrow I’m taking a quick trip to London. To bad I’m not able to stay for a couple of days.

Dyana from Cali es Cali (


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It looks like you're using Google's Chrome browser, which records everything you do on the internet. Personally identifiable and sensitive information about you is then sold to the highest bidder, making you a part of surveillance capitalism.

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