Today has mostly been used for work. I was supposed to hook up with a Korean guy for testing at noon today, but he didn’t show up on time. Fearing that I wouldn’t get hold of him before Monday, I had to start working on what I had planned for Monday; it’s a project that needs to be done on Wednesday and I’m not in the office on Tuesday. How very convenient.

But one and a half hour after our agreed time, he finally shows up. Now we’ve been at it since then: He does some changes in a piece of software, I test it. All communication is on MSN and now it’s been two hours since he said he would “create binary, test it and fix it”. That sounds good of course, but it’s half past three in the night in Korea right now (GMT+9) and unless he is pumped full of caffeine I have my doubts how good his code will be.

At least he is a dedicated guy. Or perhaps they are having grave yard shifts for the code monkeys.