Deflate, deflate…

I went to the job interview today. They had only invited 6-8 people to join the first round of interviews, then they’ll bring 2-3 back in for a second interview. I’m glad I even got to the first round, these people really know what they are looking for, they want to pick from the top shelf, both when it comes to technical expertise and personal qualities. After the interview I felt that I’d done a rather good job, considering that this is my first face-to-face interview ever, doing it on the phone is far from the real thing. I’d got an assignment I had to solve before the interview. My proposed solution was laid out pretty much in the same way as their R&D Director would have solved it, and that’s a good thing.

Then the bad thing: They told me that they almost didn’t invite me to the first round of interviews because of something I’d written in the about section of my site: “My mood seems to move like a roller coaster at times […]”. I probably should add that I don’t take my bad mood (whenever that should occur, because I’m human and my mood is bad at times) with me to the office. Note to self: When your sites’ address is in your resumé, some employers might actually visit it and even read stuff there. Scary thought. The guys I talked to today had spent most of the time on my site looking at the pictures. But maybe I’ve even missed out on a couple of interview because of things written or posted on my site?

Marita had her birthday on Friday, and as you know I’ve bought her a present. But I still haven’t mailed it to her, since the post office is usually closed when I leave from work. And that goes for today, too. But I’ll do it tomorrow. The good thing about this present is that it ain’t food.

Ball-size update: Yesterday evening was really bad, today is rather good. Golf-sized.

(If that made no sense to you, read entry #394: I’m sentimental. Bear with me, it’s late..)

By Vegard Skjefstad

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You know you could start having a “mood-o-meter” again.. only this time use small ball icons.. :) .. I could probably use Z’s or maybe small Magic-Prozac icons.. btw, ate my last M-P the other day.. :(

.beldin: I’ve been considering the Mood-O-Meter, but I don’t have the time to re-code it or maintain it, I think. Besides, it made me look like a depressed lunatic.

Tor-Erik: They’re called The 5 Percent Community. I don’t know about NRK yet, will probably know more on Monday.

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